Nicotine Anonymous Live Chat Room

Just let the java application load (click 'yes' on certificate to accept it)...and you'll be chatting with other members of Nicotine Anonymous (unofficialnicanon) in no time!

Channel may be idle or empty from time to time, just wait a few minutes for someone to connect, or check the calendar for meetings.

Don't particularly like this applet? Try these other IRC clients for: mac - linux - pc

For those who want to try IRC (Internet Relay Chat): type "/connect", and then "/join #anon" in your favorite irc client, once you're connected to the IRC server.

The advantage of using a real IRC network (in this case rather than Yahoo's Chat Rooms (fake), is that we can all connect from all platforms, using whichever IRC client we like, instead of being limited to Yahoo's interface

This is text-only chat, voice is not supported. I haven't found any alternative solution for voice chat yet that is supported on multiple platforms and is free.

There is also a mailing list you may subscribe to, for those who found this page from a Google search.